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​Internet Safety Education Research and Tools

Crime Against Chldren Research Center LogoThe UNH Crimes Against Children Research Center (CCRC) provides updated information and research on Internet safety and Internet Safety Education (ISE) that can assist law enforcement in providing the best possible education to communities across the United States.

One of the aims of the NIJ study was to create a single location for ICAC Task Forces to access research and resources relevant to ISE best-practices as they develop.  It is beyond the scope of this page to be a link to all ISE resources, but we will aim to provide research-based ISE information that may be difficult to find in other places.

Below you will find links to papers and tools that resulted from the NIJ study including an online harassment survey that could be used in ISE evaluations and outcome data collection.  We also provide an Internet Safety Fact Sheet that will allow you to incorporate more fact-based messages into educational efforts.  Finally, we offer links to research centers and ISE programs that are striving to increase the research-base for their work.​

The resources provided here extend from a project funded by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) entitled “Evaluation of Internet Child Safety Materials Used by ICAC Task Forces in School and Community Settings” (Project#: 2009-SN-B9-0004).