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​ICAC Task Force 2021 Safer Internet Day Resources

FEATURED RESOURCE: View the ICAC Task Force Program's Sexting Prevention Tips for Parents and Youth (also available in Spanish)

Additionally, we’re proud to have the ICAC Task Force Program represented in ConnectSafely's SaferInternetDay.US list of 16 expert voices to discuss ways to make the Internet better and safer for all.  Please be sure to check out the interview with ICAC Advanced Program & Policy Analyst Dana Miller from the Wisconsin ICAC Task Force when visiting ConnectSafely's webpage.

​Central California ICAC Task Force

- Conversation starter for parents/guardians to empower them with facts, talking points and action plans.

GROOMING SIGNS FOR SEXUAL PREDATORS - Guide for parents to understand grooming and the stages a predator goes through. 

​Dallas Police Department ICAC Task Force

SAFER INTERNET DAY - General resource with basic tips to avoid any sexting situation and assist you if you're involved in a sexting situation.

​Illinois Office of the Attorney General ICAC Task Force

APPLE AND ORANGE SEXTING VIDEO - Video clip to illustrate how easily sexting can start and the dangers of sending sexually explicit material.

I SEXTED, NOW WHAT? - A list of next steps for youth or their parents/guardians to consider after sexting.

RATIONALE OF SEXTING - Outline of what youth might say in response to sexting versus reality of what's happening.

SEXTING INFORMATION FOR PARENTS - A guide for parents/guardians outlining what sexting is, prevention and next steps in the event their child sexted.

​San Jose Police Department (Silicon Valley) ICAC Task Force

Silicon Valley ICAC Task Force Logo

AFTERMATH OF SEXTING - Designed for parents/guardians and youth to understand the potential aftermath of sexting.

CONSEQUENCES OF SEXTING - Outline of the mental effects of sexting on youth.

HOW SEXTING CAN SPREAD - A visual diagram to illustrate how sexting can spread.

SEXTING: SHOULD YOU BE DOING IT? - Questions for youth to consider before sexting.

THINK BEFORE YOU SEND - Designed for youth to think before they send.

THINK BEFORE YOU POST, TEXT, SEND - Short video illustrating the importance of thinking before you post, text or send sexually explicit material.

WHAT YOU SHOULD DO IF YOUR CHILD IS SEXTING - General information for parents/guardians if they find out their child has sexted.

Wisconsin Department of Justice ICAC Task Force

WIsconsin ICAC Task Force Logo

PROTECT KIDS ONLINE PODCAST - Designed for parents, grandparents, guardians, or caregivers, this podcast is a resource to share trends and updates about the latest apps, websites, and online activity of children 17 years and younger.

SEXTING SAFETY BROCHURE - General information about sexting, including discussion points, important facts and sequences.