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Welcome to the wiki library!
This Wiki provides users with general information about navigating and using the various resources on this site. Some of the topics contain links to short video clips or documents with more detailed information on the topic. If you need assistance with something that is not covered below you can send us an email at for assistance.
Preferred Internet Browser
The preferred browser for this website is Internet Explorer.  If you are using a different web browser (i.e. Chrome) you may experience issues, such as the inability to scroll, when navigating this site.    
Request Access or Sign in
To gain access to this site you need to create an account by clicking on the Create Account link in the upper right hand corner of any of the site pages and following the instructions. You will receive an email when your account has been approved. Once you have your account you click on the Sign In link to enter your user ID and password. You logon by clicking the Sign In link and entering your student ID and password. You MUST put after your student ID number. It will look like this: followed by your password.
Account Login and Internet Explorer Settings
This site is both a public site for general information and a secure site for registers users to access training and other materials related to ICAC investigations. Registered users will have to login to access these materials. As you go from one area of the portal to another you may be required to re-authenticate your logon credentials to view the materials. To alleviate you from having to do these multiple login’s you can change your settings in Internet Explorer which will allow for IE to re-authenticate you automatically. Please keep in mind that If there are multiple users on the same machine they would be able to access the portal with your credentials unless you are using individual user accounts. If there are multiple users of your computer, and you are not using individual user accounts, you should not make the changes outlined.
Main Page and Navigation

Navigating around the site is pretty intuitive. Your access is limited by your security level and groups you are a member of so your pages may not display exactly as someone else's. 

Searching the Web Site

At the top of each page is a search box that allows you to search for information on the portal. You do so by entering your search term in the box and clicking Search. If you need assistance with something not listed below, or suggestions on additional information for this site you can email us at

Uploading Documents

This site has document libraries where you can upload documents to share with other users. The ICAC Task Force program has agreed to use a file naming protocol for any presentation, document, or file uploaded to libraries in the portal. If you are having trouble uploading a file to the site, make sure it is not over 100mb in size as SharePoint cannot accept a file over 100mb.  To view a video on the process click on this link.

How to Check Out and Check In a document

The site is set up so that documents must be Checked Out to be edited. This will keep the number of duplicate files to a minimum and the most current versions available to those that need the materials. The ICAC Task Force program has agreed to use a file naming protocol for any presentation, document, or file uploaded to libraries in the portal. Please also remember to Check In the document when you are done editing so others can access it.  
Creating or Editing Alerts
Many of the drop down menus throughout the site contain an "Alert Me" option. This is there to provide you the ability to set up an email alert to any changes in the document or list you are working in. To set up an alert in a library or list look for the Library or List Tools tab on the ribbon above the list of items. Look for the "Alert me" icon and click on it. Complete the options on what you want to be alerted on and how frequently the alerts are sent.  You can view a video on the process by clicking this link.