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‚ÄčICAC Task Force Contact Information

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency
Phone: (334) 353-1716
Email: Alabama ICAC
Alabama ICAC Website


Anchorage Police Department
Phone: (907) 786-8821
Email: Alaska ICAC
Alaska ICAC Website


Phoenix Police Department
Phone: (623) 466-1828
Email: Arizona ICAC
Arizona ICAC Website


Arkansas State Police
Phone: (501) 618-8151
Email: Arkansas ICAC
Arkansas ICAC Website


California - Fresno Area
Fresno County Sheriff's Office
Phone: (559) 600-8029
Email: California - Fresno Area ICAC
California - Fresno Area ICAC Website


California - Los Angeles Area
Los Angeles Police Department
Phone: (562) 624-4027
Email: California - Los Angeles Area ICAC
California - Los Angeles Area ICAC Website


California - Sacramento Area
Sacramento County Sheriff's Office
Phone: (916) 847-3008
Email: California - Sacramento Area ICAC
California - Sacramento Area ICAC Website


California - San Diego Area
San Diego Police Department
Phone: (858) 715-7100
Email: California - San Diego Area ICAC
California - San Diego Area ICAC Website


California - San Jose Area
San Jose Police Department
Phone: (408) 537-1397
Email: California - San Jose Area ICAC
California - San Jose Area ICAC Website


Colorado Springs Police Department
Phone: (719) 444-7630
Email: Colorado ICAC
Colorado ICAC Website


Connecticut State Police
Phone: (203) 694-6572
Email: Connecticut ICAC
Connecticut ICAC Website


Delaware Department of Justice
Phone: (302) 739-2030
Email: Delaware ICAC
Delaware ICAC Website


Florida - Central
Osceola County Sheriff's Office
Phone: (407) 348-1100
Email: Florida - Central  ICAC
Florida - Central  ICAC Website


Florida - Northern
Gainesville Police Department
Phone: (352) 393-7660
Email: Florida - Northern ICAC
Florida - Northern ICAC Website


Florida - Southern
Broward County Sheriff's Office
Phone: (954) 327-2731
Email: Florida - Southern ICAC
Florida - Southern ICAC Website


Georgia Bureau of Investigation
Phone: (404) 270-8870
Email: Georgia ICAC
Georgia ICAC Website


Hawaii Department of Attorney General
Phone: (808) 587-4111
Email: Hawaii ICAC
Hawaii ICAC Website


Idaho Office of Attorney General
Phone: (208) 334-4527
Email: Idaho ICAC
Idaho ICAC Website


Illinois Office of Attorney General
Phone: (312) 814-3505
Email: Illinois ICAC
Illinois ICAC Website


Illinois - Cook County Area
Cook County State's Attorney's Office
Phone: (312) 492-3700
Email: Illinois - Cook County Area ICAC
Illinois - Cook County Area ICAC Website


Indiana State Police
Phone: (317) 899-8263
Email: Indiana ICAC
Indiana ICAC Website


Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation
Phone: (515) 965-7402
Email: Iowa ICAC
Iowa ICAC Website


Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office
Phone: (316) 660-9447
Email: Kansas ICAC
Kansas ICAC Website


Kentucky State Police
Phone: (502) 782-9769
Email: Kentucky ICAC
Kentucky ICAC Website


Louisiana Department of Justice
Phone: (225) 326-6100
Email: Louisiana ICAC
Louisiana ICAC Website


Maine State Police
Phone: (207) 877-8080
Email: Maine ICAC
Maine ICAC Website


Maryland State Police
Phone: (410) 694-4706
Email: Maryland ICAC
Maryland ICAC Website


Massachusetts State Police
Phone: (617) 590-9303
Email: Massachusetts ICAC
Massachusetts ICAC Website


Michigan State Police
Phone: (877) 642-9237
Email: Michigan ICAC
Michigan ICAC Website


Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
Phone: (651) 793-1072
Email: Minnesota ICAC
Minnesota ICAC Website


Mississippi Office of Attorney General
Phone: (601) 576-4255
Email: Mississippi ICAC
Mississippi ICAC Website


St. Charles County Police Department
Phone: (314) 393-8231
Email: Missouri ICAC
Missouri ICAC Website


Montana Division of Criminal Investigation
Phone: (406) 444-9759
Email: Montana ICAC
Montana ICAC Website


Nebraska State Patrol
Phone: (402) 471-4545
Email: Nebraska ICAC
Nebraska ICAC Website


Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
Phone: (702) 828-0124
Email: Nevada ICAC
Nevada ICAC Website


New Hampshire
Portsmouth Police Department
Phone: (603) 427-1500
Email: New Hampshire ICAC
New Hampshire ICAC Website


New Jersey
New Jersey State Police
Phone: (609) 584-5051
Email: New Jersey ICAC
New Jersey ICAC Website


New Mexico
New Mexico Office of the Attorney General
Phone: (505) 717-3542
Email: New Mexico ICAC
New Mexico ICAC Website


New York
New York State Police
Phone: (518) 457-8812
Email: New York ICAC
New York ICAC Website


New York - New York City Area
New York City Police Department
Phone: (646) 610-5397
Email: New York - New York City Area ICAC
New York - New York City Area ICAC Website


North Carolina
North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation
Phone: (919) 779-8130
Email: North Carolina ICAC
North Carolina ICAC Website


North Dakota
North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation
Phone: (701) 239-7266
Email: North Dakota ICAC
North Dakota ICAC Website


Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office
Phone: (440) 886-5284
Email: Ohio ICAC
Ohio ICAC Website


Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation
Phone: (405) 879-2641
Email: Oklahoma ICAC
Oklahoma ICAC Website


Oregon Department of Justice
Phone: (503) 378-6347
Email: Oregon ICAC
Oregon ICAC Website


Delaware County District Attorney's Office
Phone: (610) 891-4717
Email: Pennsylvania ICAC
Pennsylvania ICAC Website


Rhode Island
Rhode Island State Police
Phone: (401) 921-8149
Email: Rhode Island ICAC
Rhode Island ICAC Website


South Carolina
South Carolina Attorney General's Office
Phone: (803) 734-6314
Email: South Carolina ICAC
South Carolina ICAC Website


South Dakota
South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation
Phone: (605) 381-1734
Email: South Dakota ICAC
South Dakota ICAC Website


Knoxville Police Department
Phone: (865) 637-5590
Email: Tennessee ICAC
Tennessee ICAC Website


Office of the Attorney General of Texas
Phone: (512) 936-7863
Email: Texas ICAC
Texas ICAC Website


Texas - Dallas PD
Dallas Police Department
Phone: (214) 671-4201
Email: Texas - Dallas PD ICAC
Texas - Dallas PD ICAC Website


Texas - Houston Area
Houston Police Department (HM)
Phone: (832) 745-3258
Email: Texas - Houston Area ICAC
Texas - Houston Area ICAC Website


Utah Office of Attorney General
Phone: (801) 281-1200
Email: Utah ICAC
Utah ICAC Website


Vermont Office of the Attorney General
Phone: (802) 828-5522
Email: Vermont ICAC
Vermont ICAC Website


Virginia - Bedford County Area
Bedford County Sheriff's Office
Phone: (434) 534-9521
Email: Virginia - Bedford County Area ICAC
Virginia - Bedford County Area ICAC Website


Virginia - Virginia State Police
Virginia State Police
Phone: (804) 674-2767
Email: Virginia - Virginia State Police ICAC
Virginia - Virginia State Police ICAC Website


Seattle Police Department
Phone: (206) 684-4351
Email: Washington ICAC
Washington ICAC Website


West Virginia
West Virginia State Police
Phone: (304) 293-6400
Email: West Virginia ICAC
West Virginia ICAC Website


Wisconsin Department of Justice
Phone: (608) 264-9482
Email: Wisconsin ICAC
Wisconsin ICAC Website


Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation
Phone: (307) 777-5178
Email: Wyoming ICAC
Wyoming ICAC Website