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Internet Safety Resources for Parents, Educators and Young Adults

Globe with the words "Internet Safety" with Children in FrontIt is an amazing time for our digitally connected youth.  The Internet and a variety of digital devices can bring the world, with all its good, and not so good, right into the hands of our kids and teens.  Technology provides wonderful opportunities to learn, share and contribute.  These same opportunities also bring challenges to parents and their families.  The information provided on this web page comes directly from those who work to protect children across this country everyday.

As noted by the Crimes Against Children Research Center​, "The Internet holds tremendous potential for our nation's youth, however, the misuse of the Internet to prey on them is a serious problem requiring action by legislators, families, communities, and law enforcement”

  • Author: Lieutenant Eric Buehler

    You are a conscientious parent on top of things at your house.  You have provided your child with a smart phone for their safety.  This way you can stay connected and know where they are and if they ever need help, you are just a quick call away.  You bought them a smart phone, as that is what all of their friends have.  As a parent, you know the dangers associated with texting and social media; so you have a routine to make sure they are not getting themselves in trouble.  You occasionally check text messages and require that you are friends with them on Facebook.  If any issues arise with their texting,

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"Texting while driving sends the WRONG msg 2 ur kids! Check out this student-written video, part of ConnectSafely's comprehensive resources on safe technology use. Visit us at or"


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​Featured Blogger - Lieutenant Eric Buehler

Lt. Eric BuehlerCurrently a Lieutenant with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department and Commander of the Sacramento ICAC Task Force, Eric Buehler has been in law enforcement for 25 years.  Lt. Buehler has worked in many capacities including Hi-Tech Crimes, Problem Oriented Policing, Patrol and Custody. As both a father as well as a law enforcement officer, he is very sensitive to the concerns of the Internet as well as the inherent social issues our youth face daily.  Lt. Buehler hopes to help open the eyes of our youth as well as parents and educators to these issues so that we may begin to change the culture.


Report suspicion of child sexual exploitation to your local police, your ICAC Task Force or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children's CyberTipline ( or 1-800-843-5678).

For more information about the ICAC Task Force in your state or region, contact your local Commander.