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​ICAC Task FOrce WebSite Access

To access law enforcement sensitive areas of this website, which includes all training opportunities, registration links and other resources and tools, you must be a registered member.  Not yet a website member and interested in becoming one? Your agency must be one of the Regional ICAC Task Forces or an "Affiliate Agency*".  If you are unsure if your agency is an affiliate, please use the "Lookup Current Affiliate Agencies" tool below.



You must be a website member and logged in to view scheduled training.​​​​​

Need help?  Choose to request website access, reset your password, look up your student ID or if you require technical assistance, send a website issue ticket to sta​ff. ​​


*An ICAC "Affiliate" or "Affiliate Agency" is an agency that is working with a Lead Agency ("Task Force Agency") as part of a regional or state ICAC Task Force.  An a​ffiliate has agreed in writing to adhere to ICAC Operational and Investigative Standards.​​​​​​​

​Lookup Current Affiliate Agencies

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Congratulations!  You are eligible to become a member of this web​site.


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Interested in becoming an ​affiliate agency of ICAC Task Force Program? Contact your Regional ICAC Task Force Commander today!